Joanne Roberts, editorial services

I'm not as famous as Emma Dryden, and I'm not as brilliant as Harold Underdown. Who is?

Your manuscript may not be ready for such heavy-hitters. Maybe you're not prepared to make that kind of financial commitment. I can help.  Whether newbie or seasoned writer, you need a critique from someone who can catch your vision of the manuscript. You need comments that encourage you to get past your current draft, and point you to the next stage.

So who am I?

I am a down-to-earth writer/illustrator who will give you a fresh, objective look at your picture or chapter book manuscript. My goal is to let your writing shine, not to impose my stamp on your work.

So what can you expect?

You will receive a written overview of the strengths and weaknesses of your manuscript, as well as a thorough line-edit for grammar, punctuation, and clarity. I examine voice, tone, theme, continuity, and characterization through multiple read-throughs. I  am also available for a limited number of follow-up questions regarding your paid critique.

Contact me if you are interested in a critique. I will send an agreement to protect both parties and all your rights to your material. When complete, you can return here to pay securely through Paypal and then send your manuscript electronically. When I receive both payment and manuscript, I will send you a confirmation email with an expected due date, generally within 14 days.

My regular rate is $75 for 1500 words or less.
ACT NOW: For a limited time, ReviMo participants receive 40% off the regular price.
SCBWI members always receive a 10% discount off the regular rate.
Referrals earn you $5 off your next critique.

Okay, there's no catch. If you are not satisfied that you have benefited from my critique, I will refund the full amount from your first critique. Repeat customers receive a 90% refund.

I specialize in coaching as well as editing. I have a passion to see you succeed. If you have exhausted your store of resources and need to take your picture book to the next level, I hope you will consider contacting me.

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