Thursday, September 20, 2012

That's What I'd Do

Today That's What I'd Do is released nationwide.  The song lyrics by Jewel provide the text while the illustrations are painted by Amy June Bates.  Normally I would shy away from a children's book written by an entertainer, but any picture book with Bates's artwork is worth picking up.

That's What I'd Do
Words by Jewel, Pictures by Amy June Bates
Amy's artwork is always brilliant, but she admittedly experimented with style and technique to match the poetic flow of the text.  The results are noteworthy. (Pun intended.)  We can't wait to see what she'll be illustrating next!

Here's a spread from That's What I'd Do
 To view
Amy Bates's website
Amy's portfolio at Shannon Associates
Amy's blog

Notice the placement and size of the author's name.  More on my thoughts about author billing.

The Dog Who Belonged to No One,  Abrams Books For Young Readers, 2008
Written by Amy Hest, Illustrated by Amy Bates

Friday, September 14, 2012

Oh, No!

I love a good story, especially one which demands to be read aloud.  And of course, great illustrations will make me loyal to a book I've never even read.  Amazon is promoting Oh, No!, written by Candace Fleming and illustrated by Eric Rohmann.  That proves even the big box bookstores recognize a winner once in a while.

Oh, No! by Candice Ransom, illustrated by Eric Rohmann
Oh, No!
Candace Fleming and Eric Rohmann, 2012
This picture book is scheduled to be released on September 11, 2012.  You may recognize Candace Fleming as the author of  Muncha!  Muncha!  Muncha!, Madame LaGrande and Her So High, to the Sky, Uproarious Pompadour, or The Fabled Fourth Graders of Aesop Elementary School.  Her book Amelia Lost was awarded the Golden Kite last March.

I have loved Eric Rohmann ever since I first bought The Cinder-Eyed Cats in 1997.  His first picture book, Time Flies, was a Caldecott Honor Book.    In 2003, he won the award itself for My Friend Rabbit.  As an accomplished printmaker, Eric is sure to take our breath away with his beautiful illustrations.

Take note,  both creators are listed with equal billing on the cover.  What's next, children's book authors' names bigger than the title ? (compare to any adult novel cover and you'll see what I mean.)

Learn more about Eric and Candace at the Children's Literature Website.  And be sure to see Candace's "For the Press" info on her own website for a funny story!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Artistic Pursuits, Summer 2012

Some art I viewed in person this summer.  Inspiring!
Woman with a Parasol
Madame Monet and Her Son
Claude Monet
A Dessert, 1814
Raphaelle Peale

Pavement, Cairo, 1891
John Singer Sargent

Eleanora O'Donnell Iselin, 1888
John Singer Sargent

    A Lady Writing, c. 1665
 Johannes Verneer