Sunday, May 13, 2012

Are You My Mother?

Happy Mother's Day!

P. D. Eastman was a remarkable man as artist, author, creator.  His talent was recognized and nurtured by Theo Geisel himself.  As I look over his list of published work, I count many of my childhood favorites among them.  But his books stand the test of sentimentality, for I have read them to my children.  They love them, and read them to their younger siblings.  That they will read them to their children, I have no doubt.  My thirteen-year-old cleaned her bookshelf yesterday, and saved two of P. D. Eastman's books:  they were not put in the charity pile, nor even the home library pile, but the keep-it-in-my-room-a-little-longer pile.  Are You My Mother? was one of those books.


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