Thursday, September 20, 2012

That's What I'd Do

Today That's What I'd Do is released nationwide.  The song lyrics by Jewel provide the text while the illustrations are painted by Amy June Bates.  Normally I would shy away from a children's book written by an entertainer, but any picture book with Bates's artwork is worth picking up.

That's What I'd Do
Words by Jewel, Pictures by Amy June Bates
Amy's artwork is always brilliant, but she admittedly experimented with style and technique to match the poetic flow of the text.  The results are noteworthy. (Pun intended.)  We can't wait to see what she'll be illustrating next!

Here's a spread from That's What I'd Do
 To view
Amy Bates's website
Amy's portfolio at Shannon Associates
Amy's blog

Notice the placement and size of the author's name.  More on my thoughts about author billing.

The Dog Who Belonged to No One,  Abrams Books For Young Readers, 2008
Written by Amy Hest, Illustrated by Amy Bates

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