Saturday, May 25, 2013

Illustrator Michelle Henninger

Courtesy Michelle Henninger
Today's spotlight falls on Illustrator Michelle Henninger. Her ubiquitous drawings of children pepper the internet. You've probably seen her art in the SCBWI Bulletin or on Watercolor Wednesdays. Now you can purchase her first published book, The First Easter (Candy Cane Press, Feb 2013).

Her airy ink and watercolor characters are perfect for today's picture books. Her whimsy is well-suited to the chapter book market too. Don't miss the captivating DVD covers she created for a local school, found on her latest blog post.

Michelle's story is an inspiring one. Thanks to Wendy Martin for this in depth interview.

Best wishes, Michelle! We can't wait to see where you're headed.
The First Easter,
by Jill Roman Lord
and Michelle Henninger, 

All artwork copyright Michelle Henninger


  1. Thank you for this post, Joanne! Michelle's work is great and I also like the interview that you linked to at Wendy Martin's blog.

  2. Nice to hear from you, Pia! Wendy hosts many interesting interviews.

  3. Thanks Joanne! :)

    1. Hi Michelle! I love your style. Stop by any time.

  4. Michelle is full of life and 'moments'...expect good things in future!

    1. She is such an inspiration. I suspect you make a great team. I appreciate your comments.


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