Wednesday, February 12, 2014

ReviMo Revived

Fabulous news!

Meg Miller has cooked up a continuing scheme to ReviseMore. Who doesn't need to add a little revision to their monthly writing goals?

My experience with ReviMo was very profitable, so I look forward to the monthly camaraderie.

Join Meg for ReviMo part 2, February 15 & 16. No sign-ups, just hop to her blog to read her motivating posts, then pull out a manuscript and get down to business. Subscribe to Meg's mailing list so you don't miss future announcements.

Here's a useful list of tips to get your stalled manuscript moving in the right direction.

Find the original here.

Be honest. Don't you have a couple of gems collecting dust? What are you waiting for? This weekend is the perfect time to polish them for submission. See you there!

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