Friday, April 18, 2014

PPBF: Poetrees

J is for Jumbo*

Today's Perfect Picture Book Friday pick helps celebrate National Poetry Month 
and Earth Day.

Poetrees, written and illustrated by Douglas Florian
Written and Illustrated by Douglas Florian
Beach Lane Books, 2010
non-fiction, grades 1-5

Poetry, Nature, Non-Fiction

This book is ripe with poetrees,
They're grown to educate and please.
You'll see a cedar.
Oak tree too.
Birch and banyan,
Pine and yew.
Palm and gum
And willow tree,
Plus more you'll love tree-mendously!

Bristlecone Pine
I've chosen the jacket flap copy instead of the first poem because, well, because the copy is a poem. It perfectly explains  what to expect in this marvelous collection of eighteen poems about trees. There are a variety of poetic forms included in this book, too. The back matter, or "Glossitree," gives a paragraph about each tree in factual form.

What I Love:
Doug Florian's poetry is addicting. His tree poems are clever, informative, and filled with puns. Each spread of this book opens long-ways to emphasize the height of the trees. Every inch of this book was well-designed, contributing to the theme. "Tree Rings" is my favorite poem.

 tutorial from Ikatbag
1. Follow Douglas's poetic journey on his blog, floriancafe.
2. For information on species and care of trees, visit the Arbor Day Foundation site. Order some trees and get planting!
3. I found paper trees and other Earth Day crafts on Charlotte's Fancy.
4. If you live in the northeast, visit the National Arboretum, the Hershey Gardens, the US Botanic Garden, the Arnold Arboretum, or Longwood Gardens.
5. Have kids experiment with different types of poems listed at YoungWriters.  Kathi Mitchell's site lists examples and links for student poets.
6. Play poetry games online at Poetry4Kids.
7. What would PPBF be without a themed snack? Try these trees made from fruit or vegetables.
8. Inspire your young poet at Poetry At Play, founded by leading poets for adults and kids.
9. Here are some other Perfect Picture Books you might enjoy.

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  1. Love Douglas Florian's work! Great list of resources - the snack ideas are definite pluses. :)

    1. He never ceases to amaze me with his clever rhymes. Thanks.

  2. This book looks fabulous! As do the other books that you mention. I love our trees almost as much as our river!

    1. At my house, today is the perfect time to go splashing around in the water. Enjoy!

  3. I think Erik the Kid had a Florian title last week - so glad to see another one!

    1. Thanks for the reminder. Yes, Erik reviewed the imaginative Poem Depot, which I forgot to link to above, so here it is.

  4. Super choice for poetry month!

  5. I love the title and play on words. Looks like a beautiful, poetic book about nature. Just right for Earth Day and Arbor Day next week. Thank you for listing my review of The Tree Lady. Not sure how you did that, but it's cool and a fun way to link your book to others.

    1. LOL You're welcome. If you need help linking, drop me an email.

  6. I love Douglas Florian! Love his poems! Love his art! I think Unbeelievables is my favorite! His titles alone are ultimate cleverness! Those paper trees are awesome.

    1. Thanks for your enthusiasm. The more of Doug's books I read, the more I love them. If your haven't read his car-collaboration with J. Patrick Lewis, you're missing out. Review coming soon. :)


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