Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Did You Finish NaPiBoWriWee?

Did you participate in Paula Yoo's National Picture Book Writing Week?

How many stories did you draft?

Mark your calendar for May 1-7 2016

I was able to finish well with two wordless storyboards, five first drafts, one rewrite of a previously unsuccessful manuscript, and three false starts which showed me those PiBoIdMo ideas may not be picture books after all.

If you didn't accomplish as much, that's okay. It's not easy. This was my third year of NaPiBoWriWee. I have a system in place and was able to do some prep back in March. This event was particularly important to me this year, and so I put aside other important projects to focus on Napi almost exclusively. Just don't ask me how much illustration I finished in the last two weeks.

Feel like you missed out?

Why not join me and dozens of other writers as we take up the next challenge?

Register for the NonFicPic WOW 2015

Seven days of drafting, just like NaPiBoWriWee, but this time writing your nonfiction picture book ideas.
There's still time to register and research, outline and organize. Find helpful resources on Kristen's website. Join the Facebook group and dig in!

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