Saturday, August 29, 2015

30-Day Drawing Challenge Coming in September

Thanks to Gavin Townsend, 2011

I'll be starting a 30-Day Drawing Challenge on September first. (Like I need another project, right?)

Here's my two-bit philosophy on why you should join me:

  • Non-artists need challenges to develop their visual communication skills
  • Artists need challenges to stay out of ruts
  • Free-lance artists need challenges to generate interest in their work and traffic on their sites
  • Besides, challenge lists are fun!

Follow along with me (You can download G-Townsend's list on Deviant Art.)

Or use one of the alternate lists below. (I plan to use those in the coming months.)
Don't forget to post a link to your blog, tumblr, or instagram in the comments so we can encourage each other.

Copyright Autumn Seybert
Copyright Sarah Nolan

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