Friday, September 18, 2015

PPBF: Again!

Today's Perfect Picture Book Friday pick

Again!, by Emily Gravett
Written and illustrated by Emily Gravett
Simon and Schuster Books For Young Readers, 2011
First U.S. edition, Macmillan, 2013
Grade K-2, level 2.6

Bedtime, Reading

It was nearly bedtime.
[The parent dragon reads from the little dragon's story book.]
"Cedric the Dragon's a bright angry red, / He's never, / His whole life, / (Not once) been to bed."

Again! tells the story of a little dragon at bedtime. He has gotten his snack and brushed his teeth. Now it's time for his bedtime story, but the little dragon wants to be just like his storybook hero, Cedric. Cedric the dragon never goes to bed. He stays up all night eating princesses and causing havoc. The little dragon causes  havoc of his own as he pleads with his parent to read the story again and again. Each time, the parent changes the text to try to get his son to go to sleep.

What I Love:
Parents will relate to the toddler who stalls to avoid sleep. Kids will appreciate the pleas of the little dragon who doesn't want the story to end. I am pretty picky when it comes to rhyming text, but since the rhymes are limited to the "storybook" text within the story, and since the adult dragon is constantly changing the words on the fly, I can forgive a bit of clunkiness. The designer and illustrator must have had a marvelous time with this book. The twist ending is one that would've kept me coming back to this as a child. A fairly simple, but fun addition to the bedtime routine.

Courtesy Activity Village
1. Emily has posted a video on how to draw using her dragons from Again! 
2. Trace and cut little ones' handprints from paper to make a splendid dragon of their very own, via Activity Village. This link also includes a red dragon bookmark.
3. Turn ordinary pears into a fun dragon-head snack, courtesy Almost Unschoolers.
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  1. The toddler dragon on the cover is adorable and I love the first lines of his bedtime story, who wouldn't want to emulate a hero like that?!

    1. Ha Ha. That's true. I am sure my kids would. I love the description, "bright angry red."

  2. Many parents will love this book about little one avoiding bedtime. It sounds like a fun and entertaining read! Great cover

    1. It certainly is common to all kids to stall. They invent very clever solutions to the bedtime problem, though I think this little dragon's outcome is unique.

  3. Replies
    1. Then you must know the secret twist designed into the last page. I didn't have the heart to spoil it. Thanks for reading. Hope you had a great summer.

  4. Oh, I had a little dragon like this. He' s now 11, but still stalls about turning out the light. He just wants to read! Haven't seen this one. Will have to check it out. Thanks!

    1. I love it when my 11 year old asks to stay up and read. I miss the begging for one more story though. As much as his independence warms my heart, I miss the snuggling-in-the-lap-read-me-a-picture-book nights.

  5. I really enjoy picture books with this structure. Will have to look for it!

    1. This book does have an interesting structure. It probably could have had a stronger resolution, but I like the ending and the twist, as I've mentioned. And I know it's a favorite with little readers.

  6. This sounds fun - and I'm such a sucker for any books that have dragons in them!

    1. I'll have to remember that. Let's see, I read Argus this summer. It's by Michelle Knudsen, about a girl who's class science project turns out to be a dragon instead of a baby chicken. The whole dragon-in-school thing won my heart.


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