Friday, February 3, 2017

PPBF: Best in Snow

Today's Perfect Picture Book Friday pick

Best In Snow, poetic photo essay about snow
Best in Snow

Written and photographed by April Pulley Sayre

Beach Lane Books, 2016
Ages 3-8, 40 pp

Winter, Nature, Science

A freeze.
A breeze.
A cloud.
It snows.

An incredible poetic and photographic journey. The text tells the story of a snowfall in spare, lyrical language. The breathtaking photos capture the snowy woods, the icy branches, squirrels, birds, and deer. I like this even better than its predecessor, Raindrops Roll. Beautiful from start to finish. Includes pages of scientific facts in the back matter, describing how snow flakes form and the snow/water cycle.

What I Love:
I love the rhythm of the page-turns, the sound of the words in my head or read aloud, the stunning photos of the snow-covered trees or the animals startled into stillness. Reading this book, I found myself holding my breath, like I do when I step out into the cold, muffled woods outside my door after a snowstorm. It is a great introduction to science for young readers, and for slightly older readers a doorway to further exploration. This book would be perfect in any home library as a cozy goodnight read or the kind of book kids pick up just to stare at the pages.

1. Follow the link to You Tube where the Indiana Public Library has posted a video interview with April Sayre.

Raindrops Roll, the predecessor to Best in Snow
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3. Empress of Dirt posted a recipe for fake snow and a darling snowman craft.

4. Taste of Home features a snowglobe cake using edible snow, or find the recipe for coconut snow on Uncommon Designs.

5. For a sensory learning experience, Kids Play Box has collected 10 ways to make play snow from all over the internet.

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  1. What a gem. Those opening lines are prefect in their simplicity. I love the collection of winter books you have suggested here.

    1. Thanks. I hope you'll find more books to love on the list.

  2. I LOVE birds & snow. Perfect combination. I put this book on hold at my library. Thank you for highlighting it.

    1. Great! Let me know your thoughts. But when have any of April's books let us down? Thanks!

  3. There's something so peaceful about the woods in snow. I will check this out!

    1. I wish we'd had a bit more snow this year, but I won't complain about an early spring. Thanks for reading!

  4. What a breathtaking cover! What a beautiful and peaceful book for young children. You always find great nonfiction.

    1. Thank-you so much. This cover nearly jumped off the shelf into my arms, because the photography is so stunning.

  5. I like that the photography is by the author. I look forward to seeing how she combines her words and images.

    1. I think it's fascinating how April was able to combine her writing skills and piece a story together from her photographic work...and she does an amazing job. Thanks.

  6. Very appropriate book suggestions at the moment, as Vancouver experiences yet another Snowmageddon. (We keep being surprised when it snows here!)

    1. LOL We haven't gotten much accumulation. I certainly miss my walks in the snowy woods, but I'm thankful we have to stack less wood!


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