Friday, February 9, 2018

PPBF: Ask Me

And now on to today's Perfect Picture Book Friday pick

Ask Me, by Bernard Waber and Suzy Lee
Ask Me

Written by Bernard Waber
Illustrated by Suzy Lee

Henry Holt BFYR, Macmillan, 2015
Ages 4-7, 40 pp, 250L

Relationships, Family, Fathers

Ask me what I like?

What do you like?

I like dogs.
I like cats.
I like turtles.

Daddy and daughter take a walk together, giving Daddy time to discover inner secrets of his little girl through the lost art of listening. A celebration of both fatherhood and childhood.

What I Love:
Ask Me is a delightfully sweet book that echoes the yearning in every child's heart, to be heard, to be someone other people want to get to know. Dad and daughter exchange a series of questions with delightfully child-like answers which just may reveal more about her inner self than he could have imagined. Perfect for Valentine's Day, Father's Day, or any day.

How to Listen So Other People Will Talk,
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  1. This sounds like a lovely way to inspire more listening in the father-daughter relationship. Thank you for sharing.

  2. LOVE those colors, the artwork is wonderful. That is such a great, typical child question.

    1. The voice is perfect. I was instantly in love. Thanks.

  3. Sounds like a great book to teach children the art of real conversation.

    1. I'd definitely include it in that kind of collection. I think adults have a lot to learn from it too.

  4. What a sweet premise. I will look for this one at the library. Thanks.

  5. I do like this book for the father-daughter relationship.

    1. This book reminds me of some of my husband's conversations. There's something special about that bond.

  6. This looks like a sweet celebration of the father-child relationship.

    1. Thanks. It's pretty a quiet book, so I hope it gets the attention it deserves.

  7. This book just landed on the top of my library wish list. For a child, being heard -- REALLY heard -- is crucial. I hope my library owns a copy or can bring one in. Thank you for highlighting this book for PPBF.

    1. I thought it might fly under everyone's radar. I was delighted to have discovered it myself. Thanks.

  8. Sounds lovely. It reminds me of all the times just my dad and I would go for drives together. We used to explore unknown roads. Those are some of my best memories.

    1. Those sound like stories I'd like to hear. We have so little time to imprint those kinds of memories. Thanks for stopping in.


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