Tuesday, April 3, 2018

#The100DayProject Strikes Again

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Haven't heard of #The100DayProject?
    It's a daily dose of creativity—5 minutes a day for 100 days.

Want to participate?
  • Choose an action.
  • Announce your project.
  • Get moving.

How do you begin?
    This should be some creative action  you are purposefully choosing to add to your life for the next 100 days. (It can also be a creativity-blocking action you'd like to DELETE from your life for the next 100 days.
    Post to Instagram every day for the next one hundred days, tagging your post with #The100DayProject and a unique hashtag so followers can instantly see your progress. Mine is #100DaysofBookplates.
    Technically, the challenge starts April 3rd, but you can jump in anytime. Don't stress about catching up. Remember, the goal is not to have a hundred end products, the goal is to build a creative habit.

What project should I choose?
    Ask yourself
    • What five-minute act of creation would have a lasting impact on my creative practice?
    • What creative action is sustainable for the next one hundred days?
    • What habit should I be adding to my daily creative routine?

Need more inspiration?  

Here are a few of the creators I'm following:

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