Saturday, April 20, 2013

Illustrator Leen Christens

Animal Transport, courtesy  Leen Christens 
 Today's artist spotlight is on Leen Christens, of Belgium.  Leen is a Kindergarten teacher whose sensitive watercolors largely feature animals with a touch of whimsy.  I love her fresh handling of both watercolor and ink line.  Although self-taught and dedicated to her career, Leen actively pursues her passion of writing and illustrating.

I admire her creative spirit and loose illustrative style.  Leen is also a Watercolor Wednesdays contributor.

Len is on hiatus, but we hope to see her work back on Etsy and at her blog in the near future.

Vacation Snail, courtesy Leen Christens 


  1. Thank you Joanne for this lovely post. It was a nice surprise!

  2. Thanks for stopping by. Keep us posted.


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