Monday, July 15, 2013

Challenging and Beguiling

"It is challenging and beguiling to sense something inside, put it on paper (or carve it in stone), and then step back and see how much has got lost in the process. The inevitability of losing some of the idea in trying to bring it to life is what keeps me working. I am always certain that next time, I'll lose less."

-Chris Van Allsburg

Bookplate of author, editor,  John Clyde Oswald


  1. Well if Chris Van Allsburg feels that way about his wonderful artwork, I can have a little comfort that my small attempts to draw what I see in my mind will be fraught with disappointment too and that's okay.

    1. I found this startling. The inevitability of loss is what often stops me in my tracks. Guess that's how he got where he is. Keep moving forward!


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