Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Reading Recap: Overdue

Most Deserving of  the Hype
Aaron Becker's Journey
Every successful writer is also a reader. But I am a reader by addiction, not because of duty.

In addition to my annual 50-book goal, I attempted to read 300 picture books as part of the 300 Picture Book Challenge. I missed my goals last year, but not by much. I totaled 225 picture books and 48 Chapter and above. You can see the entire list of picture books on my Pinterest board.

Every year there are books which live up to my expectations, some which disappoint, a few fabulous random finds from the library shelves, and each year there are books which astonish me in their perfection.

I'd like to share some of my favorites:

Favorite Book , 2013
Uma Krishnaswami's
The Grand Plan
to Fix Everything
Best Series
Marie Rutkoski's
The Cabinet of Wonders
Kronos Chronicles: Book 1
Best Random Pick
Rebecca Stead's
Liar & Spy

Best Bargain Table Find
Michelle Ivy Davis's
Evangeline Brown
and the Cadillac Motel
Best Illustrations
Lenore Look's
Alvin Ho
is Allergic to Camping
and other Natural Disasters
Illustrated by LeUyen Pham
Longest Overdue
Dodie Smith's
I Capture the Castle

This year's goals are 250 picture books, 50 chapter and above, reread the Prydain Chronicles, and 2 books on the crafts of writing or illustration from beginning to end.

Thus far in 2014, I've read 6 novels, 2 books on writing, and 22 picture books.

So what were some of the fabulous books you read in 2013? What goals have you set for this year? How are you keeping on track?

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