Friday, November 18, 2016

PPBF: Mira Forecasts the Future

Today's Perfect Picture Book Friday pick 
Mira Forecasts the Future, by Kell Andrews and Lissy Martin
Mira Forecasts the Future

Written by Kell Andrews
Illustrated by Lissy Marlin

Sterling Children's Books, 2016
Grades K-3, 40 pp, Lexile 550

Science, Weather, Careers 

Mira couldn't tell the future. That wouldn't bother most people in town, who lived their lives front-ways forwards with few surprises along the way. But Mira wasn't most people

She was the daughter of Famous Madame Mirabella, the Miracle by the Sea. Folks came from all over to hear their futures.

"For some, telling the future is a gift. For Mira, it's a science."
Mira and her mom live in a boardwalk beach community. Mira's mom tells fortunes with her crystal ball. But Mira has no such talent. She becomes increasingly frustrated trying to imitate her mother. Finally Mira's inventions and unique interests allow her to set up her own booth predicting the weather. When a local competition hinges on Mira's expertise, she finds her hard work pays off and learns to trust her instincts.

What I Love:
Impossible not to love, this book is fresh and funny and utterly adorable. Perfect for twenty-first century girls and boys, too. This book is fiction, but sprinkles in nonfiction elements about predicting the weather. Readers are introduced to windsocks and barometers and such, but all within the framework of the story. The author doesn't stop with the obvious, Mira realizing her talent. She includes stakes which involve the community and a climax in which the main character must choose and act on her choices.
The art has a lively animated quality. The setting is slightly vintage, but the color choices and style are perfectly modern-day. STEAM-worthy and just plain fun.

1. Author Kell Andrews has a host of printable downloads for predicting the weather as well as other resources for this book.

2. Did you know the National Weather Service has a spot Just For Kids? Or check out Weather Wiz Kids posts on how meteorologists forecast the weather and other resources. Ducksters has more detailed information on meteorology for a slightly older audience.

3. has a blank downloadable 7 day forecast you can use in conjunction with the weather-related activities available on iGameMom. Or make your own barometer with instructions from Deceptively Educational.

4. Homeschoolers will find useful free lessons on Homeschool Scientist and Free Homeschool Lessons, plus an extensive list of free worksheets and experiments on Homeschool Giveaways.

5. I also recommend these books: Bel the Weather Girl series, Weather Clues in the Sky, by Belinda Jensen and Renee Kurilla; What is a Forecast, by Jennifer Boothroyd; The Weather Wizard's Cloud Book, by Jim Duncan and Louis Rubin; and The Kids' Book of Weather Forecasting, by Breen and Friestad.

6. Check out these and more Perfect Picture Books at your local library.

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  1. What a fun and clever story! Great cover!

    1. If you love the cover, you're going to go bonkers over the interior. Thanks.

  2. After reading your raving review of this picture book, I have to head over to my library and hope, hope, hope they have it.

    1. I hope they have it too, but I found it at Barnes and Noble. Thanks.

  3. Wow, I have had a weather obsession since being a kid. I would have loved this.

    1. One of my sons had a weather station and his best friend was determined to be a weather reporter. Sadly, there were definitely no fiction weather books in our vast collection. I am so excited about this book for all those weather-crazy kids like ours. Thanks.

  4. I love the idea behind this- I'll definitely look for it!

    1. It's so much fun. Have you read Deadwood, Kell's MG novel? Who knew she was talented in multiple genres? I can't wait to read more of her picture books. Thanks.


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