Friday, June 2, 2017

PPBF: Rufus Goes To Sea

Today's Perfect Picture Book Friday pick

Part of the Rufus series of books
Rufus Goes to Sea

Written by Kim Griswell
Illustrated by Valeri Gorbachev

Sterling Children's Books, 2015
Ages 3-8, Lexile AD400L

Pirates, Literacy, Talents

Rufus Leroy Williams III loved going to school.
He loved reading.
He loved writing.
He loved playtime and naptime and storytime.
But one day, Rufus found the school door locked.

Rufus the pig loves school, but summer vacation has begun and he doesn't know what to do with himself. He is inspired by one of his pirate books and sets out to join a pirate crew for the summer. The scurvy captain keeps rejecting him because a) he's a pig and b) Rufus isn't able to perform any useful duties onboard. In the end it is his love of reading that wins the hearts of both captain and crew.

What I Love:
Um, everything.
Rufus is a loveable character. His naïve determination speaks volumes to young kids, especially in situations where they feel like outsiders. The text itself is bouncy and readable. In fact, it is perfectly rereadable, a must for this age group. Valeri's trademark illustration style is perfect for charming readers with Rufus's piggy antics or the general rowdiness of the pirates. Bright colors keep it light and optimistic.

1. Kim Griswell offers great advice for writers on the Highlights Foundation blog. And on The Children's Book Review, she discusses the inspiration for Rufus Goes to School.

2. Don't miss this great illustrator interview with Valeri Gorbachev courtesy of Jules Danielson on Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast. Or our own PPBFer Joanna Marple's interview on Miss Marple's Musings.

3. ETSpeaks from Home makes pig snouts out of egg cartons. They're actually for Peppa Pig books, but can be used for cute pink Rufus noses, too.

4. Coolest Kid Birthday Parties has collected a slew of pirate party games appropriate for pre-schoolers and up.

5. Grab some Pirate's Booty (cheddar is my favorite) or create your own pirate snack from Jello and orange slices courtesy Paging SuperMom. (The Pirate Booty site also features activities and giveaways!)

6. Ministry To Youth offers a lesson, video, and Biblical examples of perseverance.*

7. Also, enjoy the video of perseverance from kids' points of view by Described And Captioned Media above.

8. Check out these and more Perfect Picture Books at your local library.

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