Friday, March 23, 2012

Lloyd Alexander, Prince of Authors

portrait by Trina Hyman
I am embarrassed to say I have not posted a single spotlight on Lloyd Alexander.  It would be impossible to have a serious discussion about great children's literature and not refer to the work of Lloyd Alexander.  To make up for my gross oversight, I will dedicate the rest of this week's blog posts to the man and his works.

Mr. Alexander is best known for his creation of the fantasy series, The Chronicles of Prydain.  He wrote over 40 books and stories and was a master of characterization and dialogue.  He used fiction to explore real emotional themes.  He loved reading, writing, cats, the violin, and his wife Janine.  He was witty and soft-spoken.  A bard of the highest caliber.
I highly recommend this video link with a tour narrated by the man himself.

For more information, check out Foundation Stones of Prydain, The Prydain Companion, and The Gawgon and the Boy.

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