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The Chronicles of Prydain

The Chronicles of Prydain consists of five major books written by Lloyd Alexander and published by Henry Holt in the 1960s.  These award winning fantasy novels are among the finest in children's literature and have enjoyed a loyal following throughout the world since they were first published.  They are a melding of Welsh mythology and Alexander's own fertile imagination.
Map copyright Michal Wojcik

The Chronicles of Prydain, Book 1,
Cover art by David Wyatt
The Book of Three is the first in the series and follows 
the adventures of Taran, an assistant pig-keeper who
 wishes to become a warrior.

The other books in the series are The Black Cauldron, The Castle of Llyr, Taran Wanderer, and The High King.

I also highly recommend The Foundling and Other 
Tales of Prydain, a compilation of short stories.

The Prydain Companion,
An excellent reference,
by Michael O. Tunnell

For insights into the the creation of the books, cast of characters, geneologies, place descriptions, and guides to pronunciation, check out Michael O. Tunnel's excellent book, The Prydain Companion.

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