Thursday, March 14, 2013

IF: Yesterday

Image copyright Joanne Roberts
I've been experimenting with marker sketches.  They always start out okay, but I'm never as happy with the finished product.  It's times like these I wish I had Photoshop.
For better or worse, here's my illustration for "Yesterday" at Illustration Friday.


  1. I think it looks terrific! What kind of markers did you use?

  2. Yeah, what Heather said! And I'd like to hear more about the markers too! Nice work!

  3. It's harder to get subtle gradations with markers, but they are bold and energetic. You use them very well here! The shading and shadows are great.The girl's expression is perfect.

  4. Thank-you for all the positive response. I used Prismacolor cool gray markers: 20%, 50%, & 80%, plus an ultra fine black Sharpie on Bee Paper co.'s "Pen Sketcher's" paper. I was disappointed there was so much bleed-through, but otherwise like the materials.


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