Saturday, March 30, 2013

Illustrator Therese Cilia

The Queen of Hearts she made some tarts,
Courtesy Therese Cilia
This week's featured artist is Therese Cilia. Her thriving business at Strawberry Snail showcases her delightful pen and ink watercolors.  Therese's style is light and whimsical, reminiscent of  Master illustrator Quentin Blake.
Check out her portfolio or buy a print from her Etsy shop.
I can't wait to see her work in picture book or chapter book format.
I expect it won't be long before she attracts the notice of publishers here, or in her native Canada.


  1. This is cute! I love watercolor and ink illustrations.

    1. Not only do I love Cilia's style, but I'm a sucker for Wonderland!

  2. Yayy!! Thank you so much for featuring my sister. I'm fiercely proud of her! I've watched her grow into the amazing, talented artist she is today, and it's always unreal to me how good she is. :)

  3. It is my pleasure. I couldn't help myself because, you're right, she is amazing. BTW, I love your blog. Thanks for visiting.


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