Saturday, June 8, 2013

Illustrator Aurelie Neyret

Aurelie is a well published illustrator, but you probably aren't familiar with her work. Most of her illustrations are published in French, from trading cards to textbooks. Her work in conceptual design is highly regarded.

The Wish Tree, courtesy Aurelie Neyret
Visit her website, Clochette, or her blog, to see the latest of her creations. You used to be able to buy a DVD of her character design process, but I'm not sure it's still available (and it's in French.)
You'll find an excellent interview on about her digital technique.

Les Carnets de Cerise
 by Joris Chamblain
 and Aurelie Neyret 

I first fell in love with Les Carnets de Cerise (Cherry's Notebooks) when I chanced to see it on Pinterest, though I didn't know much about the artist then.

Her work for Histoire Junior and Toboggan magazine is consistently a treat.

In addition, I highly recommend you look up her ink illustrations for Tristan and Isolde and basically anything else of hers which you can find. You won't be disappointed.

Bedtime is Cancelled, by Cece Meng
 and Aurelie Neyret
Most people now know her from Bedtime is Cancelled, written by Cece Meng and published by Clarion late last year. Hooray!

Farewell Lucille, courtesy Aurelie Neyret

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