Friday, June 7, 2013

PPBF: Growing Vegetable Soup

Today's Perfect Picture Book Friday pick

Growing Vegetable Soup, by Lois Ehlert

Growing Vegetable Soup
Written and illustrated by Lois Ehlert

Scholastic, 1987, Fiction, ages 3-5

Gardening, Vegetables, Cooking, Nature

"Dad says we are going to grow vegetable soup.
We're ready to work, and our tools are ready, too."

This colorful book for very young readers uses the theme of vegetable soup to introduce children to the concept of a garden, including related vocabulary.

Courtesy Lois Ehlert

What I Love:
I confess, if Lois Ehlert's name is on the cover, I buy the book, sight unseen. This particular book deserves perfect picture book status because it does it all. Typical Ehlert collage blooms in neon colors, introducing readers to the names of vegetables and gardening tools. The simple text describes the steps from planting to reaping and beyond. A recipe is included in the back to invite even more interaction.

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1.  Use it as a resource to combat picky eaters. Work your way through the ingredients in the book one week at a time, if need be. Experiment with each vegetable and incorporate it into your family's regular diet!
2.  Support your local farmer's market. Go on a scavenger hunt to identify all the vegetables at the market. Play I Spy. Talk to farmer's about planting. And be sure to bring home some veggies to munch.
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3.  Lois Ehlert's illustrations invite creativity. Encourage your kids make a veggie or garden collage out of tissue paper, cardstock, or felt.
4.  If you are crafty, you can make a tote bag for a favorite teacher using paint or applique. Be sure to include a copy of the book for the class library.
5. For a change of pace, here is a link to a nice loaded baked potato soup and a fresh vegetable soup recipe for the slow cooker.

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Special thanks to Susanna Leonard Hill.

This book is the perfect companion to Eating the Alphabet and Planting a Rainbow, also by Lois Ehlert.


  1. I read this book to my daughter years ago and she absolutely loved it. Perfect choice for this time of year and to get kids involved with gardening and cooking. Very bold book.

    1. Yes this is an oldie, but goodie. And a good lesson for us as picture book creators: What does it take to have lasting appeal? Thanks, Patricia!

  2. Oh my goodness, Joanne! Love your book choice (always loved gardening with my kids) and love your list of activities/resources. What a great post for any parent this summer who is looking for activities to keep the kids busy and learning and happy. Thanks so is definitely a Perfect Picture Book!

    1. Thank-you for your kind words. I love sharing these wonderful books with new readers, and truly hope this post will inspire some families this summer!

  3. I'm a fan of Ms Ehlert too!! And I love this soup book. We've read it at the library quite a few times. Kids seem to be really attracted to it. Maybe they're hungry. I don't know, but they all like to garden! Isn't that great?!

    1. Thanks, Rhythm. I expect you'll be doing some digging of your own this summer. Best wishes.


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