Friday, September 27, 2013

PPBF: Up, Up and Away

Today's pick
Up, Up and Away
Words and pictures by Ruth Heller

Up, Up and Away
A Book About Adverbs

Written and illustrated by Ruth Heller

Grosset & Dunlap, 1991, Non-fiction, recommended grades K-3, but can be used at higher levels.
Lexile 480, Reading Level 3.1

Language Fun, Educational, Concept

"Adverbs work terrifically
when answering specifically . . .
"How often?'
and 'Where?'

Penguins all dress DECENTLY.
Toe dancers practice FREQUENTLY.
This house was painted RECENTLY . . .and
Small green frogs live THERE."

There are eight titles in the World of Language Series by Ruth Heller. Up, Up and Away teaches the meaning and uses of adverbs through luscious illustrations and rollicking rhymes.  

What I Love:
Ruth Heller's larger-than-life illustrations are colorful and bold, immediately engaging the attention of young readers. Her rhymes are fun to read aloud. Her unique way of introducing children to the mechanics of language makes this book, and the others of its kind, a valuable resource for parents and educators. As I understand it, these books will be of use in teaching CCSS.

1. Try online games with adverbs from EZSchool, Quia, or Study Zone.
2. At you'll find a fun game for acting out adverbs, thanks to Alicia Danyali.
3. Don't forget to watch the Lolly family on Schoolhouse Rock.
4. There are lots of challenging nouns in this book. Use the spreads to expand learning. Why not research egrets, pandas, Gelett Burgess, or Timbuktu, as mentioned in the text?
Read all eight titles in the series covering nouns, verbs,
prepositions, conjunctions, interjections, and adjectives

Check out all the recommended titles for Perfect Picture Book Friday for September 27, 2013.
Thanks to Susanna Leonard Hill.


  1. I checked and the book was reissued in 1998 and is still in print! That's evidence of it's staying power. Looks like a good teaching tool.

    1. Yep. A great tool that's fun too! Thanks for checking, Wendy.

  2. This is really a unique book! Fun way to learn about adverbs -- especially since we don't use them very much in PBs. Great video.

    1. LOL I thought about adding a bonus activity just for writers, showing how we overuse adverbs :)

  3. I have this book! But I didn't realize there were others in the series. I'm checking them out from our local library today. . .thanks!

    1. I have two other books in this series. My son's favorite is the book on interjections!

  4. What a fun way to learn about adverbs! I could have so used a picture book like this back when I taught language remediation to dyslexic kids! Thanks so much for adding this to our list, Joanne :)

    1. Thank-you, Susanna. I don't know about dyslexia, but I found dozens of home-schoolers online who also recommend these books.

  5. I like that we are adding non-fiction like this to our list. Great choice, Joanne.

    1. Thanks, Joanna. In my house we love a good story, but my boys have always chosen more non-fiction pbs on their own.

  6. I love concept books. Thanks for sharing this one. Will have to check it out.

  7. What a fun book! I like those rhymes! Thanks for sharing this one!

  8. This looks like a lot of fun - love the bright cover!


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