Thursday, January 23, 2014

Mission Submission

As part of the plan to reach my goal of monthly submissions this year, I have officially joined the SubIt Club.

Heather Ayris Burnell created this community for both writers and illustrators, along with Dana Carey and Lisha Cauthen. Their goal was simple, to motivate each other to actually submit work.

badge design by Dana Carey
Last April I stumbled on the illustrator's postcard series. I was blown away by the wealth of information, the roster of participants I knew, and the sheer sense of determination they exuded. Little did I know this was a fledgling group, just beginning to carve their niche. But the dual focus on writers and illustrators kept me coming back. The sense of community gave me courage. And so on their one year anniversary, I have dared to commit. I hope you will join me in moving your career forward.

Stop by the Sub It Club blog, sign up for Facebook membership, and gain the tools to you need to get your best work into the right hands.

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