Thursday, January 9, 2014

ReviMo Prep: A Bit Drafty

We all know Anne Lamott's advice on getting your first draft written. Then comes the (sometimes) harder work of rewriting it.

If you are planning to participate in ReviMo, you'll need a stack of manuscripts, right?

I've put aside six stories needing revision, from changing reader level to new endings. The new year is a great time to pull out those ms that have stalled and give them a fresh go. There's just one problem. I can't think of an easier way to fail than to plan to revise one of those stalled ms each day for 7 days! My easily-bruised ego will never survive! What a way to kill the New Year adrenalin rush!

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I need some fresh manuscripts. I fully intend to give that stack I've been procrastinating over a hardy try. However, my goal this week is to come up with at least two completely rough first drafts. That way, when I hit a wall, there will still be an escape hatch.

How about you? What challenges do you face during the revision process?
How do you plan to conquer them?
Have you made a game plan to get the most of ReviMo?
What tricks do you use when you hit a dead end?

If you participated in PiBoIdMo, there's no better time to turn one of your fabulous ideas into a first draft.
If you are looking forward to ReviMo, why not dredge up some moldy manuscripts?
If you want to further your writing goals, then sit down, and don't get up until the bones are on the page.

Happy Writing!

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