Friday, October 17, 2014

PPBF: Founding Mothers: Remembering the Ladies

Today's Perfect Picture Book Friday pick

Founding Mothers, the picture book
Founding Mothers: 
Remembering the Ladies
Written by Cokie Roberts
Illustrated by Diane Goode
Harper Collins, 2014
non-fiction, grades 2-7
40 pp

Non-fiction, Historical, Women

Opening of the first mini biography:
Eliza Lucas was only sixteen years old when her father went off to fight for England against Spain and left her in charge of three plantations in South Carolina.

and from the conclusion:

"The women here are taking a station in society which is not known elsewhere," wrote journalist Margaret Bayard Smith after she had lived in Washington for several years. She rejoiced in the fact that the new Capitol City was a place where women were taken seriously "in the court, in the representative hall, as well as in the drawing room."

This non-fiction picture book contains a short timeline of events from 1765 to 1815 and 18 mini biographies highlighting the achievements of early American women. The text is engaging, drawing the reader in with fascinating tidbits from history. The witty illustrations evoke the style of the times. The book also includes excerpts of actual correspondence and valuable links for further research.

A spread about American poet, Phyllis Wheatley

What I Love:
Cokie Roberts has distilled the lives of these courageous women into bite-sized pieces, perfect for picture book audiences and beyond. Diane Goode has outdone herself with her  meticulous research, authentic penmanship, and colonial embellishments, even going so far as to reproduce the ladies' signatures. The endpapers alone are worth the cover price.


Have you been to the Library of Congress?
1. The Gettysburg Colonial Project has more information on what it meant to be a woman in the 18th Century.
2. I found a quiz among the Early American handwriting archives from the Reed Digital Collections.
3. Visit Colonial Williamsburg in person or online to learn more about our country's founding.
4. You'll find recipes for Johnny Cakes, Hobnob cookies, or succotash, plus Colonial games, crafts, and more at the teachers' site Kid Activities.
5. Delve into the many resources at the Library of Congress.
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  1. Love all your companion suggestions, Joanne! And Diane Goode is a genius!

    1. I have to be careful not to review every one of Diane's books. They're truly perfect! Thanks.

  2. This book is one that I would love. Kudos to Cokie Roberts for publishing a book about heroines of the 18th century. I like the layout too. Thanks for introducing me to this fabulous book.

    1. I heard Daedalus Books has discounted copies for sale. Thanks for reading!

  3. I am putting this on hold. I know I can learn so much and am in awe of some of these ladies!

    1. Eliza's story is one of my favorites. I loved sharing this with my daughter, too. Enjoy!

  4. I love stories about strong women. Great choice!

    1. Thanks. The early patriots were selfless, amazing people. I'm continually in awe. 'Hope you like it. Thanks.

  5. Wow! What a great book! And excellent activity choices to go with! Thanks!

    1. Thanks. Though I'm not sure you'll be able to visit Williansburg yourself. Sorry.

  6. Sounds SO cool - and yes, I HAVE been to the Library of Congress. ENTIRELY too fun! This is definitely a book I'd like to get a look at. Thanks!

    1. My daughter begged to go to the Library of Congress on our last trip. I wish we could've spent more time there. Thanks for your comments.

  7. Excellent resources, Joanne! And you just gave me three more nonfiction books to check out. How fun to find out about lesser known ladies in America's history. Thanks!

    1. Thanks, and you're welcome. Fair is fair, you usually give me a few titles to add to my "must read" pile. Wishing you grace and blessing on your newest nf ms.

  8. Wow! Awesome, Joanne! It's about time someone wrote about the founding mothers! I love the concept of this book and am thrilled to be adding it to our list!

    1. Yep, I wish I'd thought of it, but it is so well done, I can't help but be in love with it as is.


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