Saturday, November 15, 2014

Shopping List for Eat Write Menu Days 18-25

The menu suggestions for this week are pretty basic. With Thanksgiving coming here in the U.S. you probably have lots of other preparations, so we have to minimize meal prep and empty our refrigerators. I hope the menus, shopping lists, and recipes have been a huge help in de-stressing both your holidays and your writing times. Drop me a line in anytime. I'd love to hear how you're juggling your responsibilities.

Need a good book to put you in the holiday mood?
Check out my review of Cranberry Thanksgiving.
2014 Eat Write Writers' Menu

Late to the party? Start here. You can still carve out extra time for writing amid your pre-Thanksgiving frenzy. Visit my Writers' Menu pinboard anytime you need a meal idea.

Assuming you're following the full menu, I've compiled a shopping list for days 18-25. You'll need to get these items by Monday so you can pop everything into the slow cooker by Tuesday morning. Double check the kitchen staples listed on How Not To Starve During PiBoIdMo, if you need to.

Just a reminder the Pot roast (Day 18), Teriyaki Chicken (Day 19), and Chili (Day 25) should be prepped and in the freezer by now, making this week's cooking a breeze! 

Don't forget, the numbers in brackets following the grocery item tell you which day the ingredient will be needed. Use the numbers if you make several small trips during the week, or if you've deviated from the Writers' Menu selections.

Special Note! Thanksgiving prep will be in full swing, so I've planned to use a bunch of convenience foods:
Day 18, I opt for mashed potato flakes and canned fruit.
Day 20, I use Tyson frozen chicken fingers, but help yourself to the freezable recipe from America's Test Kitchen, if you like. Buy veggie dip, or the ingredients to make your own.
On Day 21 I have chosen to use a bottled stir fry sauce. If you have a favorite sauce recipe, please leave it in the comments section or drop me an email. I'd love to try it.
Okay, I admit it. I resort to boxed macaroni and cheese on Day 22. Thanksgiving is coming; forgive me.
Ramen noodles supplement the leftovers on Day 23. What would PiBoIdMo be without them?
I use a cornbread mix on Day 25, because mine always comes out too dry and crumby.

Photo courtesy Sherry Smith-Noble,
 the Examiner
No matter how busy, I cook pancakes from scratch: 
Day 24 calls for the pancake recipe handed down from my grandmother. It's easier than you think. Make a note to buy mix if you opt out.

Shopping lists today, recipes tomorrow.
We're in the home stretch.
May all your picture book ideas be fabulous!

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