Friday, September 23, 2016

PPBF: Race Car Count

Today's Perfect Picture Book Friday pick

Race Car Count, by Rebecca Kai Dotlich and Michael Slack

Race Car Count

Written by Rebecca Kai Dotlich
Illustrated by Michael Slack

Christy Ottaviano, Henry Holt 2015
Ages 2-7, 150 words

Concept,  Counting

Red light, yellow light, green light, GO!

Race car 1 honks, look at me!
He zooms in front with the turn of a key.

A simple rhyming counting book featuring a variety of anthropomorphic race cars speeding for the prize.

What I Love:
Cars with eyes and rhyming text normally would have doomed this picture book before I even opened the cover, but Race Car Count is so well done. Kai Dotlich's rhyme and meter are a joy to read aloud. The rhyme actually carries the story forward. The illustrator made the cars interesting and imbued them with personality instead of drawing saccharine stereotypes. The color palette and composition add vitality to the book. I wish I had this book for my kids when they were little. They would have asked for it repeatedly, and I would have enjoyed every reread.


Today's Parent offers how to make a DIY race car costume.

 1. Julie Hedlund has posted a fascinating interview with today's author, Rebecca Kai Dotlich.

2. Illustrator Michael Slack has designed a free downloadable activity kit for young readers on his website.

3. Great Kids Pirthday Parties has collected a variety of car-shaped snacks, from hotdogs to apple slices. Why not provide the fixings and let the kids decorate their cars with as much diversity as the racers in the book?

4. Homemade Preschool offers a free worksheet for counting race cars and you can find a race car  dot-to-dot on BigActivities.

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  1. Sounds like a book that would immediately engage children. They'd have fun with the counting. Lovely choice. Great interview with Rebecca Kai Dotlich on Julie's website.

  2. This looks adorable and it's a big plus that the rhyme is spot on. My son would've loved this a few years back.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. There are so many mediocre books of this type, I thought it was important to showcase the good ones.

  3. Yes, cars, counting. Perfect! I'll have to take a look at Julie's interview. Thanks for highlighting!

    1. Thanks. The interview has some particularly good points for writers.

  4. Joanne...I absolutely LOVE seeing a rhyming book get published...I used to write a lot in rhyme before I started writing nonfiction pbs...great activities/resources in your super post!

    1. Rhyming picture books are so incredible when they are done well. I wish I had the passion to pursue that skill, but alas, I'll stick to prose. Thanks for the kudos.

  5. Yes rhyming picture books are great when done well. Lovely eye catching cover. Very kid related. Thanks for sharing.

    1. And thanks for reading! Today's review wasn't deep, but definitely surprising and fun, perfect ingredients for a picture book.

  6. Great concept combo...thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for commenting. I recommend it because I myself would have passed it by. But it's clever.


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