Friday, September 9, 2016

PPBF: Sam Tells Stories

Today's Perfect Picture Book Friday pick

Sam Tells Stories, second in the series
by Robberecht and Goossens
Sam Tells Stories
Written by Thierry Robberecht,
Illustrated by Philippe Goossens

English translation edition, Clarion, 2007
originally published 2005
Ages 4-7

honesty, new kid, first day of school

"I'm Sam. I'm the most amazing kid in school. The kids at my new school just don't know it yet."

Sam tells stories at school and at home. About his dad meeting aliens or the dragon on the playground. When Sam has to tell more stories to cover up his lies, he begins to understand the consequences of his behavior. Sam comes clean, but not without consequences. He learns telling the truth is the best way to make a good impression and the truth he learns about himself makes him more amazing than even he thought he could be.

What I Love:
Though this book has a moral, it is couched in a kid-friendly story with a realistic main character. His stories are actually lies he tells to sound impressive. Sam doesn't escape the consequences at home or school, but he learns something wonderful about himself and his friends. Not saccharine. Sam is very authentic. Cute art with a lovely European vibe.                  


1. Enjoy the above goofy video (kids do say the craziest things) about honesty from Soul Pancake.
2. Thierry Robberecht has written more books about Sam which you can find on his Goodreads page.
3. If you liked Philippe Goossens art, you'll find more books he illustrated on his Goodreads page.
4. Nervous about the first day of school? Crazy for First Grade has plenty of activities, tips, and printouts for both teachers and families on her blog.
5. Kids of Integrity uses true stories from Biblical history to  relate the benefits of honesty and the consequences of lying.
6. For a twist on the theme, watch Aladdin,  Pinocchio, or The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe  with your family to jump start the discussion on the causes and effects of lying.
7. Check out these and more Perfect Picture Books at your local library.

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  1. Telling stories is something I think many kids will relate to. At my daughter's school on parent night, one of the instructors said to the audience, "If you promise to only believe 1/2 of what your kids say happened at school, I promise to only believe 1/2 of what your kids say happens at home." The audience got a big laugh out of this. I'm adding this book to my library list. Thank you for a great review.

    1. Thanks. I loved discovering this author/illustrator duo and look forward to their other books myself.

  2. Oooh...yes...this is a must get out of the library book, Joanne...thank you so much for bringing it to my attention...I know I will enjoy it...and would love to read it to my grandson.

    1. I hope you find it! Thanks. I trust you two had a great summer? Always appreciate your comments.

  3. What was the original language?

    1. Both Robberecht and Goossens are Belgian. Sorry, I should have mentioned that. Thanks.

  4. Looks like a great book for broaching the "telling tales" problem.

    1. And it was just plain fun. I much prefer entertaining lessons to didacticism, as do our kids. Thanks for your thoughts.


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