Thursday, April 6, 2017

Science Fiction Reading List

Author Andy Weir had an unusual path to publication, but one which I think is empowering to young people, namely, make your dreams happen. Lightspeed Magazine has posted an inspiring interview with him, including some of his favorite childhood books.

Andy is the national spokesperson for School Library Month. While I would hardly call his book, The Martian, kidlit, I would like to recommend some children's books in the same genre.

Please, please, PLEASE leave your sci-fi kidlit recommendations in the comments. Thanks!

Science Fiction is hardly he norm for the picture book crowd, but aliens and robots are always popular. Try these:

No list would be complete without David Wiesner's Sci-Fi classic Mr. Wuffles! I'll post my review for Perfect Picture Book Friday. See you then!

Chapter Books tend more toward fantasy or, again, aliens and robots. These are some of the younger middle grades I found:

 There's a fine line between those chapter books and these Middle Grade, but these tend to be for older MGers. I like:
In the Young Adult category:

More School Library Month posts and events for National Library Week coming soon.

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