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Cricket Covers

Cricket Magazine
Vol. 1, No. 1
Sept. 1973
Cricket Magazine, back cover
Pilot issue: Vol. 1, No. 1
Jan. 1973

As promised, I want to clear up a few questions regarding Cricket Magazine and it's inaugural covers.

I mentioned in the post on April 17, 2012, that Cricket: The Magazine for Children was launched in September of 1973.  Volume one was scheduled to run nine issues, through May, 1974.  Pictured above left and in my previous post, is the very first issue sent to subscribers.  The art is by Trina Schart Hyman, who accepted the position of Art Director.  At right is the lovely back cover art, also by Trina.  This scan is from my pilot copy.

Celebrate Cricket,
30 Years of
Stories and Art, ed. by Marianne Carus
Cricket Books, 2003
According to Marianne Carus, a pilot issue was printed and distributed in January of 1973.  The purpose of this issue was to bring it before a test audience of  librarians, teachers, publishers, and so forth. To my knowledge, the content remained the same after launching the actual magazine, though there may have been some typographical changes.  I personally own only the pilot copy, so I've never been able to compare the two for content.  Instead of the volume number appearing on the front cover, the pilot issue has the words "January 1973".
Cricket's Choice
Cover Illustration
 by Trina Schart Hyma

Just for fun, I've posted the cover for Cricket's Choice again.  It was a compilation of articles from the magazine's first nine issues.  Trina painted a new cover for this book, recalling the one on the magazine.  

Cricket, The Magazine for Children
vol. 2, no. 1
Sept. 1974
In September 1974, when volume two was issued, Trina's artwork again graced the cover.  Years later, the art for the front and back cover was reused on slipcases which could be ordered to hold your back issues.

Cricket, The Magazine for Children
vol. 9, no. 7
March 1982
Lastly, I've included a scan of the cover of Cricket's 100th issue.  Trina actually repainted part of the scene from the inaugural cover.  A tiny reproduction of the first issue appears inside the "g" on the front and back as well.

For more information, I again recommend Celebrate Cricket, a book detailing the creation of the magazine and reminiscences from the first thirty years of publication.  Check the Carus Publishing website for available back issues or a subscription to any of their worthwhile magazines.

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