Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Vinnie Ream and Lincoln

Vinnie and Abraham was written by Dawn FitzGerald  and illustrated by Catherine Stock.  It details the true story of sculptor Vinnie Reams.  Reams was a prodigy and had a rare opportunity to sculpt a bust of Abraham Lincoln.  This picture book chronicles their meetings and the subsequent commissions.

Vinnie and Abraham,Written by Dawn FitzGerald
Illustrated by Catherine Stock

Published by Charlesbridge in 2007,  Vinnie and Abraham is a picture storybook which includes biographical data on the actual historical figures.  Although recommended for readers 7 and up, the text is quite long, with a word count of 2377.  Don't let that deter you from reading this great story.  It deserves the accolades it has received.

Courtesy Susan M. Sherman
and 7 Impossible Things
I know I'm partial to historical characters, but Vinnie and Abraham is a great story.  The art of Catherine Stock is an additional blessing.  Her versatile style means every book she illustrates is full of surprises. She is represented in the US by Red Fox Literary.  

As fine artist as well illustrator, she sets the bar very high.  The vibrancy and skillful handling of her watercolors combined with her solid knowledge of page design, make each of Ms. Stock's children's books a treat.

Lavinia Ream Hoxie (1847-1914)

Abraham Lincoln,
by Vinnie Ream, 1871
US Capital

interior illustration by Catherine Stock

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