Thursday, April 3, 2014

Challenging the Creative in Me

C is for Challenge
So I found out about the 2014 A to Z Challenge yesterday. The bad news it had already started. The good news? My first two posts in April were already in alphabetical order. I am psyched!

The goal is to post once for each of the twenty-six letters of the alphabet, Mondays through Saturdays in April. The benefits include strengthening your blogging skills and building community. Many of the participants are writers and bookish people, so I'm going to have fun sifting through the links. You can too, just go to A to Z and search the categorized links. Besides writing and book blogs, you'll find links to gardening, travel, history, humor . . .Happy hunting!

The most challenging thing for me will be time management, and I guess fitting my scheduled features into their proper alphabetical places. Please don't be offended at the additional mail in your mailbox. It's only 26 days, after all. I hope you'll join me, and that you'll find some interesting new blogs along the way.

Special thanks to Tina @ Life is Good
and Arlee Bird @ Tossing it Out


  1. Time Management - is something I also lack.
    And I welcome you aboard :)

    1. Thanks. It was nice to discover you on A to Z.


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