Thursday, November 29, 2012

Booklist Status Update

Eeek!  I just looked at my calendar.  The end of November is here and I'm a little behind on my reading schedule.  Back in March, I challenged you all to read along with me as we devour 50 books in 2012.  I've been so focused on writing, reading, and drawing picture books this month that I let my book list slide.  I counted 43 to date, so my plan is to get back on track by finishing the books below before month's end.

Tales for the Third Ear,
by Verna Aardema,
art by Ib Ohlsson

Chancey and
The Grand Rascal,

by Sid Fleischman,
Art by 
Eric von Schmidt

The Dagger Quick,
by Brian Eames,
cover by
Amy June Bates

Rain Is Not
 My Indian Name,
 by Cynthia 
Leitich Smith
Cover art by Lori Earley

If you have a reading goal for this year, why not take the time to evaluate and get back on the wagon, or the bookmobile, as the case may be?

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