Friday, November 2, 2012

SkADaMo 2012

Call me crazy, but I've signed up for another November challenge: SkADaMo!

SkADaMo and its logo are copyright Linda Silvestri.
Linda is a talented illustrator who challenged herself  last November during PiBoIdMo.  She wanted to do more than just write her picture book ideas, she wanted to keep herself sketching.  Linda has invited us to join her in her quest for daily sketchiness.  

I read about the informal event by way of Jennifer Bower, talented in her own right, who has combined Picture Book Idea Month and a Sketch A Day as a way to boost her creativity.  I became familiar with Jennifer's work during KidLitArt Chats on Thursday night.  Isn't networking great!

Sketch every day this month.  Tweet it, post it, blog about it, or just enjoy four weeks worth of verbal and graphic brainstorming.

Now if you'll excuse me, it's time to let the creative juices flow.

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