Thursday, November 8, 2012

Dracula and His Legacy

"We learn great things by little experiences."  

So wrote Bram Stoker in his book, The Jewel of the Seven Stars.  Today is the anniversary of the author's birth and I thought this quote apropos for encouraging us during a month of concentration on the picture book craft.  Whether you're participating in PiBoIdMo or SkADaMo or even NaNoWriMo, Dracula may provide a needed jump-start.

If you've never read the original Dracula, I highly recommend you pick up a copy, but you may need to sleep with the light on.  Take a break from today's cheap vampire imitations.  Sink your teeth into writing that transcends its era.  

In honor of PBM, you may want to peruse the lavishly illustrated Hildebrandt picture storybook or a graphic novel version, like the one from All-Action Classics. 
Art by Greg Hildebrandt

I also recommend Ben's drawing books.  
All-Action Classic #1
Ben Caldwell
Art by Bill Halliar
  His comic book meets animation drawing style keeps my tweens busy for hours.  Fantasy Cartooning is a fun reference for drawing all your monster ideas!

The Adventure of
the Sanguinary Count
 or Sherlock Holmes
vs. Dracula

Just for Fun, why not try Loren Estleman's entertaining The Adventure of the Sanguinary Count, which pits Dracula against consulting detective Sherlock Holmes.
Fantasy cartooning
by Ben Caldwell

If you're interested in Bram Stoker and his writing, check out the Rosenbach Museum, featured last March on BookishAmbition.

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