Saturday, January 19, 2013

Erin Kelso

Unfair Advantage
By Bluefooted on Deviant art

Today we are featuring the mysterious Erin Kelso, AKA Bluefooted.  Erin is not a fantasy or children's illustrator by profession.

From what I can learn, Erin works in pencil or ink, and then adds digital color.  Her style does vary, but as she seems to create just to please herself, that can hardly be counted against her.  Unfair Advantage caught my eye because it is reminiscent of Charles Mikolaycak's style, while Huntress is more typical of her fantasy pieces.

I consider Erin's work an inspiration because she is largely self-taught and because her paintings express passion.  Her art reminds us, who illustrate for profit as well as pleasure, to enjoy the process.  To bless God that we can do what we love.

by Bluefooted on Deviant Art

I recommend you look up pieces like Cat-Skin or The Deep on Deviant Art.  I found her on Pinterest.  Thanks to Lines and Colors and Daily Picks and Flicks, who both share my interest in Bluefooted's illustrations.

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