Thursday, January 24, 2013

In Memory of Jan Ormerod

I just read the sad news about the passing of Jan Ormerod yesterday.  Jan was an artistic hero of mine from the moment I saw her book, The Frog Prince.  I can think of no greater tribute than to showcase a bit of her work here.  I hope if you are unfamiliar with Jan's illustrations, you will take the time to savor her books. That you can find her listings at Simon& Schuster, Puffin, HarperCollins, Walker Books, and Random House to name a few, is a testimony to her appeal and endurance.  Her rich legacy of art and stories is such a blessing to all of us who love books for children.

Where Did Josie Go?
by Helen E. Buckley and Jan Ormerod
The Frog Prince
Jan Ormerod and David Lloyd

 "I find the challenge of communicating with both child and adult-working on two levels in one book--a demanding, intriguing and rewarding task." - Jan Ormerod 

Jan Ormerod

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