Sunday, January 6, 2013

KidLitArt: Back From the Brink

Fans of Kidlitart and picture book creators, arise!  All is not lost.
Bonnie Adamson and Wendy Martin are taking a well-deserved working break.  But KidLitChats will continue on Twitter on Thursday nights, thanks to Lisa Thompson, a fellow SkADaMoer, who has accepted the temporary, unofficial mantle of keeper of the KidLitArt.
Thanks to Bonnie, Wendy,
Lisa, and Greg Matusic
for your dedication.

Illustrators/writers everywhere will be encouraging each other through a 6-month schedule from idea to submission.  Join the fun . . .work.  Did I say "fun"? Keep updated at Lisa's blog, my dog-eared sketchbook.  And don't forget to review all the valuable material on the original KidlitArt site.

If you're unofficially signed up, your first goal is to pick your project idea by January 13th.

Tweet Lisa by January 7 or check-in on her blog!

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