Thursday, February 14, 2013

Authors Behind-the-Scenes Secrets

This would make a great studio.
Do you love finding out how an author thinks?  How they plan?  Where they feel most creative?
Jennifer Bertman does.  Her blog From The Mixed-Up Files of Jennifer Bertman features author interviews and exclusive peeks at their creative workspaces. You'll find plenty of tips successful writers use everyday to organize, inspire, and motivate themselves.
Jenn herself offers some valuable tips for creating believable characters in today's Valentine's Day post.

tiny writer's retreat

Here are a few photos to encourage you to build your own creative space.

DIY: closet converted to flat files
Do you have a ritual that helps you focus on the business of writing?  What's unique about your workspace and why does it work for you?

Comment or email me.  I'd love to share what you've learned.


  1. Thanks for mentioning my blog! I love the photo of that writing cottage--I often tell my husband I'd like to have a little writing cottage in the backyard. I think he thinks I'm kidding, but I'm not. :)

  2. 'Glad to do it. You have been very generous to the virtual writing community and you're blog has been quite an inspiration to me lately. As for a space of our own, I'll have to do a post to get our husbands motivated!

  3. Love that bookshelf but it must be hard to get to the books on the top shelf.:) I work in the corner on folding table desks with a very small space for art and a computer. I share a 615 sq ft apartment with my husband. Our dining table doubles as his desk. Because we don't really have a living room, it's easy to focus on our work when we are up. Of course, I love writing and drawing, but the biggest challenge is staying away from the internet and all the great sources of inspiration that are on line now. My trick is to give myself assignments for the next day, then restrict when I can get on line to a reasonable amount of time each day. It's the reward for finishing the assignment -- and, if I'm very good, I reward myself with chocolate.

  4. Thanks for the peek at your creative space, Joy. Your apartment sounds like an ideal setup in many ways. I think it was Linda Silvestri who said she had her art table in the living room. I always thought that would be too distracting, but when I tried it, I found the kids much more cooperative and my tolerance of distractions increased. Like you, I struggle with limiting my time online. Thanks for spending some of your precious internet time here!


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