Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Reading List 2013

February already?
Okay, it is past time to share my 2013 reading goals.

Portrait of Maria de la Sallent,
by Josep Guardiola Bonet
I nearly reached my goal for 2012, completing 48 books, but even so I decided my annual list of 50 books needed a shake-up.
What I need most is flexibility.  I usually use the first week of the new year to finish up any books that didn't get completed by December 31, then plan the new reads for the coming year.  As a list-maker, half the fun is writing down the books I can't wait to start, searching my shelves and scraps of paper, browsing catalogs, blogs, and PW.  But as much as I enjoy seeing the stack in my bedroom shrink week after week, I realized I miss the thrill of the hunt: that electricity which propels me through the initial chapters of a new book and into the wee hours of the morning.
In consequence, no list.  Generally, I'd like to vary the genre, category, decade this year.  I'd like to make progress in a different series at least once a month.  I am planning a couple of re-reads too.
Participating in the 300 Picture Books in 2013 Challenge means I plan to read picture books on a regular schedule and make time for cataloging them, though I always try to fit in as many picture books as possible.
My library is getting to this point.
Reevaluating my list has led to a startling discovery.  Sadly, I have realized the need to reduce the size of my library.  I finally got a room of my own (almost), including a rolling library ladder and eight bookshelves with about 146 square feet of space for books . . .and I still don't have enough room.  Even with the shelves in the living room, hall, and four bedrooms!  I am neglecting reading books I really want because I have so many here at home that I feel I ought to be reading.   Out with the old . . . I'll update you as I get them listed for sale.  Plus I have some great giveaways planned.

I'm currently reading
by Raina Telgemeier

by Joan Bauer
The Sorcerer of the North,
by John Flanagan
Thirteenth Child,
by Patricia Wrede

I Capture the Castle,
 by Dodie Smith
The Marriage Bureau
for Rich People,
by Farahad Zama

What are you reading?  
Which do you recommend?  
  What are your bookish goals for 2013?

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