Friday, February 1, 2013

PB 300 Update

Sponsored by Shar Mohr
Just a quick list of picture books I read in the last two weeks for Shar Mohr's challenge.  I hope some of these are on your to-read list.  If you have suggestions for books you'd like to see reviewed here or recommendations for picture books you can't live without, please contact me.  I'll be sure to fit them in and link to your site.

Some of these books are old favorites.  Some were chosen for the illustrator.  Some were chosen because they have an unusual concept or layout.  I'll be pointing out some great characteristics in the writing of these and other books during my PB Dummy Challenge spotlights, so stay tuned.
By Karen Beaumont and
LeUyen Pham
The Little Daragon
By Heather Amery
and Stephen Cartwright
The Boss Baby
By Marla Frazee
Obadiah the Bold
by Brinton Turkle
Sailing Off To Sleep
By Linda Ashman
and Susan Winter

Bunk Beds
By Elizabeth Winthrop
and Ron Himler

The Tournament
By Heather Amery
and Stephen Cartwright

The Royal Broomstick
By Heather Amery
and Stephen Cartwright
I Can Fly
By Ruth Krauss
and Mary Blair
Genie's ABC
By Eric and Susan Goldberg


  1. Hi Joanne, what a great blog you have! It's like a magazine, and it has exactly the stuff I'm interested in. You won my giveaway (I sent you an e-mail) but I am also now following you and putting you in my blog roll. I'll be reading you :)

  2. Pia, welcome and thank-you. I noticed you on both PBDummy challenge and 2 Bags Full. It's nice to finally talk to you. Please e-mail me anytime with suggestions for this blog. You've made my day. Thanks for your encouragement!


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