Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fool or Just Foolish?

The Quaker Make-Over
 Haddon Sundblom was a Chicago artist who mainly produced advertising art from the late 1920's through early the 1970's.  He painted the Quaker Oats man logo in 1957 to color and update the look of the product.  But has Pepsi Co, owner of the Quaker Oat Company,  gone too far?  The corporate mascot was not redesigned, but photo-shopped to look thinner, lose his double chin, enhance his neck and shoulders, and cut his hair.

I am so glad Quaker is owned by Pepsi and not Coke.  Can you imagine the consequences?  Sundblom also designed The Coca-Cola Santa.

Haddon Sundblom
Santa 1947
Haddon Sundblom
Aunt Jemima ad 1955

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