Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mailing May

Mailing May by Michael O. Tunnel and Ted Rand
Mailing May is based on the true story of a little girl growing up in 1914.  She wants to visit her grandmother, but times are tough and money is tight.  What can her father possibly do to get May to her grandmother's house?

They'll send her by post, of course!

Ted Rand's detailed watercolor illustrations perfectly set the scene as May travels seventy-five miles in the mail car of a train.  My copy has great historical details and photos in the back. Ted Rand's illustration style varies, but always shows masterful technique. Check out some of his other books: Here Are My Hands, My ShadowIf Not For The Cat, and the classic, Knots on a Counting Rope.

Michael O'Grady Tunnell is both author and teacher.  His love of children's literature spans all genres.  I enjoy his books, like Wishing Moon, but his work really shines when he writes non-fiction.  I love The Candy Bomber.  If you don't know the story of Col. Gail Halvorsen, this is a recommended read.

The real May,
age five.
My Shadow, by Robert Louis Stevenson,
Illustrated by Ted Rand

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