Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Impossible Things

Yesterday's quote by Lewis Carroll can be found in the first chapter of Alice in Wonderland. I considered a post regarding that peerless work, but that would be nonsense.  In the future I will undoubtedly highlight a few outstanding versions of Alice's adventures by illustrators who have done her justice.  Instead, however, I thought I would call to your attention a few impossible things . . . seven to be exact.

At the risk of dispersing my readership to a far more interesting book blog, I present
Art by John Tenniel, compiled by Julie Danielson
Seven Impossible Things changed its focus to picture books and their art in 2009.  It offers some of the best illustrators' interviews on the web.  Jules's passion for picture book illustration is difficult to surpass.  Her taste in art parallels my own.  Her blog format keeps the content interesting.  She has gotten some fabulous illustrators to contribute additional masthead's.  The blog uses a Wonderland theme.

So there are seven wonderful things about her blog.  Seem impossible?  Check it out for yourself, but don't forget to come back here once in a while when you're feeling a bit bookish.  Thanks!

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