Friday, April 21, 2017

PPBF: On Meadowview Street

In light of Poetry month, the National Library Week, and the celebration of Earth Day,
today's Perfect Picture Book Friday pick is

On Meadowview Street, by Henry Cole
On Meadowview Street

Written and illustrated by Henry Cole

Greenwillow Books, 2007
GradesPK-5, 449 words, 500L

Gardens, Community, Empowerment

"It was a big day. Caroline and her family were moving into their new house on Meadowview Street.

"After things were unpacked, Caroline's dad decided the grass was too tall and got busy mowing the lawn. Caroline was about to explore the new street to see if there was a meadow on Meadowview Street when she noticed a small blossom."

Caroline and her family move into a new house on Meadowview Street, which looks rather like any boring subdivision in any average suburban neighborhood. Not a meadow in sight. When her father begins mowing the overgrown backyard, Caroline fences off one small spot where a wildflower grows. She has to enlarge the area as the wildflowers spread. Caroline notices animals in her yard, too. And soon the family is building birdhouses and digging ponds. Before long human visitors are stopping by. This amazingly sweet story proves that one pair of hands, no matter how small, can make a difference in the world.

What I Love:
This book fits so well with Earth Day's message to be better stewards of our environment. The plot is kid-powered, fitting with the empowerment theme for School Library Month. And, of course, the outstanding words and pictures work so well together, it's a great choice to add to the Perfect Picture Book Friday family.

The text and art are almost perfectly balanced. The illustration style is homey and alive, including plenty of details for young readers to pore over.

1. Last year, Longwood Gardens featured this book for #CommunityRead Day. There are highlights from an interview with the author/illustrator, and suggestions for creating your own environmental revolution. While your there, why not plan a trip to the famous gardens which started as an arboretum in 1798!
Luz Makes a Splash, by Claudia Davila

2.  You absolutely need to share Claudia Davila's outstanding graphic novel, Luz Makes A Splash, with the kids in your life. It's entertaining, informative, and well-written. And it includes a detailed plan for using waste water to transform your community into an oasis in a smart and environmentally friendly way.

3. I love the suggestions from BirdSleuth for sustaining animal habitats, along with their review of this book.

4. The Humane Society suggests 13 ways to make your yard more critter-friendly.

5. National Library Week starts April 9th. The theme is "Libraries Transform." Meadowview Street is transformed in today's featured book. Why not stop by your local branch, take out some books on backyard gardening, and transform your neighborhood?

6. National Library Week's spokeswoman Julie Foudy's mission is to empower young women to impact their communities. Check out her Sports Leadership Academy.

7. Christians sometimes downplay Earth Day as skewing the relationship between man, God, and His creation, but I believe our task of stewardship is often neglected. Suggestions for crafts and activities can be found on Growing Kids Ministry. Participation with perspective can be found on Keepers of the Home.

8. I've included a video reading of the book below.

9. Check out these and other related Perfect Picture Books at your local library.

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  1. I love how kids can help adults "see" things. They are so wise in this way. Thanks for highlighting this lovely book!

    1. It's a good reminder that these books are for kids...sometimes we write from the writer-as-child POV instead of the actual child POV. Thanks for reading my blog.

  2. Children are so compassionate about taking care of nature and wildlife. I love the story in "On Meadowview Street." It's a great Earth Day book, but it's also a positive story about moving. And "Luz Makes a Splash" taught me something I didn't know about using wastewater. Great choices today about kids making a difference.

    1. I have been waiting all winter to put some of "Luz's" suggestions into practice. Thanks for your encouragement.

  3. Sounds like a great story about respect for nature, and as Jilanne notes, what kids can teach adults. Great pick!


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