Saturday, September 30, 2017

InkTober 2017

Are you ready for the InkTober 2017 Challenge?

  1. Grab pen and ink
  2. Draw Stuff (Use or don't use the official prompt list)
  3. Post it somewhere
  4. Hashtag your art #InkTober and #InkTober2017
  5. Love every minute

And Jake Parker will never tell you not to do digital ink. And no, I'm not a traditional media snob.
But this is an ink "challenge" so it's about drawing in "ink."

I don't get mad when people challenge themselves to use digital ink. But I don't understand them or their self-righteous ire.

I don't post centaurs during #mermay. I don't post black and white work for #colourcollective, and I don't post klingons during the #HobbitADay Challenge (Okay, I made that one up, but I'm considering it for my InkTober theme.)

So, yes! Let's celebrate your drawing successes during the month of October...but if you want to be a participant, then step away from the ipad, baby.

If you're still being your defiant, digital-ink little self, you can get free stuff from Autodesk Sketchbook in conjunction with this year's InkTober challenge.

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