Friday, September 1, 2017

Library Card Sign Up Month

Sign-up for a library card 
during the month of September!

Grab some Titans swag for your library!
The American Library Association sponsors events all year long. This is the month to raise awareness for the power of libraries. This year's super poster bears the Teen Titans (not MY Titans of course, but respectable and well-loved heroes for today's kids.)

The ALA has listed creative ways to showcase the comics theme and bring patrons into the library. If you're not ready to hold a cosplay event or don't know a local comics artist, try something more straightforward. Take the neighborhood kids on a field trip to the local library. Get them their own library cards, and watch magic happen.

The ALA store has plenty more magical media, from Newt Scamander to Batgirl. Buy. Keep. Trade. Donate. There are no losers when we increase circulation for our community library systems.

How will you celebrate this month?

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